6-Ways-Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu-Changes-Kids’-Lives-Team-Wise-Training-CenterBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu changes kids’ lives. By spending time training on the mats, the effect that BJJ has on kids outside of class is significant. Here are a few of the ways that BJJ has an impact on kids:

1. Physical Activity

Exercise is important for adults and kids. When you’re physically active, the positive effect on your health extends into other areas of your life. Moving provides an outlet for kids, and the physical activity habits you create as a child will help you become a healthy and active adult later in life.

2. Critical Thinking Skills

The skills you learn in BJJ provide a mental workout just as much as a physical workout. Each time you learn something new, you have to organize the skill (the new information) and then connect it to the skills you already know. Relating new information to what you already know is a valuable critical thinking skill that can help kids with their learning process both on and off the mats.

3. Discipline

The BJJ class environment teaches kids to be more disciplined. The class structure encourages kids to treat their instructor and other kids with respect. The BJJ class structure also lends itself to staying calm and focused throughout a class. By training themselves how to focus, kids can use this skill at school and home.

4. Goal Setting

Kids who train BJJ are always learning and practicing new skills and techniques. This environment of learning is also conducive to the practice of goal setting. If a kid wants to stick with BJJ for a long time, learning how to set short-term goals is a valuable tool. These goals give kids a way to measure their progress toward larger, long-term goals like the belt tracking system. Goal setting is another useful tool that kids can apply to other areas of their lives.

5. Social Skills

Kids have the opportunity to meet other kids from different backgrounds through BJJ. They bond over a shared interest and learn together. Over time, kids can create lasting friendships in an environment that emphasizes respect.

6. Self-Defense

Martial arts like BJJ teaches kids how to defend themselves. But it can also teach kids how to diffuse a situation with confidence so that they won’t reach a point where they would need to physically defend themselves.

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